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Chronicles of El Chod: In Which El Chod Rides the Subway

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It time once again for a little something we like to call, please cue the trumpets, the Chronicles of El Chod. Today's edition comes to us from the inbox:

I know this story probably sounds like total bullshit but hopefully someone else will write in to confirm what I know is true. I had the good fortune of sharing a downtown E train with Jeffrey Chodorow and his wife on Saturday morning. They got on at the 5th Ave/53rd Street stop. My girlfriend and I first noticed his wife, a very attractive older blond, seated alone diddling away on her iPhone. When we sat next to her I noticed she had a bewildered male companion who kept getting up to look at the subway map. He really couldn't figure out where the hell the train was headed. When he turned around and I got a good look at his face my jaw hit the floor. What the hell were these people doing on the subway? My suspicions were confirmed when the wife kept referring to him as Jeff. Jeff kept getting up and looking at the map, which only made them more confused. It sounded like they were trying to get over to the east side for something or other. Too bad the E is a west side train. I am 100% positive that it was the Chod himself. Why he was riding the subway on a Saturday morning remains a mystery.
Have you seen El Chod? Have you? Have you?? What in the hell are you waiting for?