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Tracking The Smith: The Menu, Version 1

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The Smith, Glenn Harris and Jeffrey Lefcourt's (Jane and Neptune Room) brand new brasserie in the former Pizzeria Uno storefront on Third Avenue at 10th Street, is an interesting case. It's caught our attention because it shouldn't work, but it might. It's shouldn't work because, frankly, there's something about the room that doesn't feel right—downright wrong, in fact, almost as if Pizzeria Uno never fully vacated. Plus, an "American Bistro" that features Lamb Schnitzel and Vegetable "Bimbimbop" prominently is absurd. There is a chef here who is way over thinking his menu: this restaurant is going to be made, or not, but NYU students, who can be made very happy with 99 Miles to Philly and Blue 9 Burger.

But. The duo's other two restaurants have both shown an impressive amount of staying power, more than their simple concepts should warrant. They seem to be able to tweak and adapt very fast. So, instead of writing off The Smith, or Deathwatching it, we're going to track it's progress. Every restaurant makes changes, yes, but we think this one is going to be making many many changes. Below, you'll find The Smith's dinner menu, V1. Our prediction is that price point and the lamb schnitzel are going to be the first things changed, probably within the month. We'll check-in on The Smith as needed. Track along at home, too. This is going to be fun for the whole family.
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