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Eater Inside Preview: Momofuku Noodle Bar 2.0

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Kalina, 11/1/07.

By the middle of next week—currently the plan is Tuesday—Momofuku Noodle Bar will debut in its new and expanded digs at 171 First Avenue. The interior was designed and built by Swee Phuah, who is also responsible for Momofuku Ssäm and others. As Dave Chang said back in May, "At the new Noodle Bar we’re going to have more seats (55 versus 27) and more kitchen space (not that you care). The menu will probably grow a little bit (Will Kevin Pemoulie make daily specials for Larry Bird? We can hope. Will there be cutlets on the menu? Almost certainly not) and we hope that waits will shrink and the food will improve."

Here now, the Kalina Signature Edition photogage for your viewing pleasure. If you look closely you can still see hints of construction, but that doesn't make these preview shots any less sexy. Do enjoy.




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