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On the Upper West Side, Danny Abrams is days away from debuting the second branch of The Mermaid Inn. According to field reports, the kitchen is fired up: "Walking down Amsterdam Ave last night, I passed by the shiny new Mermaid Inn. Not quite bustling with activity but definitely open for business." Officially, it's not open until 'sometime next week,' but locals may want to try their luck with walking-in. We'll send you off with this PR color: "Three signature dishes – the lobster sandwich, wedge salad and spaghetti with a salad on top – will make the move up north, as will the easygoing hospitality..."Divided into two rooms, the space will also have garage-style doors that can be opened on nice days, allowing sunlight to complete the restaurant’s by-the-shore vibe." 568 Amsterdam Avenue, UWS; (212) 799-7400, website.

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