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EaterWire Midday Edition: Polishing ápizz & The Orchard

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LOWER EAST SIDE—The crowds have stayed steady at ápizz and The Orchard for several years now, but no one's resting on laurels. A recent Eater drop-by at The Orchard revealed a new, less prison-like facade (above) and a new look to the bar area. But that's not all. Let's let management explain: "Hi Eater, it's X (Xerxes), John's partner from The Orchard. Just wanted to give you an update on the restaurants. We have made renovations to both Apizz and the Orchard. At Apizz we expanded the bar area. We now have a wine bar where we have full dinner service. We thought it would be a nice way to welcome the walk-ins. Maybe you could put the word out. At The Orchard we renovated the bar area as well. We now have this really cool lounge. Where customers can come in and have cocktails and appetizers. We're also on the prowl for our next project." Kalina has been dispatched to both venues, so please stand by for full renovation reveals. [EaterWire]


In order of opening, the genealogy of what's become a complicated LES family:

1) Peasant was created by partners John LaFemina and Frank DeCarlo.

2) ápizz saw LaFemina and de Carlo splitting, with LaFemina opening ápizz with Xerxes.

3) The Orchard was the second creation from the LaFemina/Xerxes team.

4) Bacaro comes now from DeCarlo, his latest restaurant project since Peasant.

Phew. Exhale. Let's eat.


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