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Serendipity Shuttered: On-Site Cover-Up/Denial Continues

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Let's pick up this week where we left off last, at the DOH-shuttered Serendipity. The restaurant still hasn't provided anyone much by way of comment or explanation on how it let itself go. A few rats, mice and cockroaches are one thing, but 105 violation points and 'a live mouse, mouse droppings in multiple areas of the restaurant, fruit flies, house flies, and over 100 live cockroaches' is probably crossing the line at New York's most successful and historic dessert restaurant. On site, the cover-up/denial—above, now literally—continues. Color from the reader who snapped this photo for us: "outer doorway was put up yesterday with "closed for renovations" signs to help conceal the Commissioner of Health's signs on the original doors. BTW, there were originally 2 renovation signs on the outer doorway earlier today."
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