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On how to beat the Department of Heath at their own game: "when they come in they have thermocouple therometers [sic] and huge ass flashlights giving them the advantage. i went out and paid around 450.00 for a cooper thermometer and bought a shit load of big ass flashlights. each and everyday my staff must look everywhere with the flashlights for rodent shit and live bugs, you know, in corners, under tables, EVERYWHERE. then they clean it up, twice a day. the result is, no more shit or bugs b/c we also found where they were coming from and patched it all up and we still check daily...i got a 2 on my last inspection and that was 2 weeks ago...the best revenge for me, on my last inspection the inspector's flashlight broke and i lent him mine to see how clean my place is." [Eater Comments]

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