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EaterWire AM Edition: Bubby's Tribeca DOH'd

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Bubby's, just this morning. Inspector 192, this is going to leave a mark.

TRIBECA—The Department of Health is in a rage this week. First Serendipity, then Yum Thai and now, via multiple reader reports, they've shut down Tribeca brunch favorite Bubby's. From the ground: "Walked past Bubby's this morning saw a sign in the window "Closed by Department of Health". Can't say I blame them....the service entrance side of the building is one of the funkiest smelling corners in Tribeca. They have been getting by on reputation for years now anyway." Our photographers are en route to the scene. More to come. [EaterWire]

Update: The closure of Bubby's is 100% confirmed by our staffers on the scene. Official closure date is 11/14/07, by inspector 192. Photos for your mourning and pleasure are 20 minutes out.

Update 2: Please enjoy.

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