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Bubby's DOH'ing Leaves a Mark; Weekend Brunch Looking Unlikely

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While we await word from the Health Department on the specifics of Bubby's failed inspection on Wednesday, we now bring you additional photos from the scene. As you can see below this inspection left a pretty serious mark. The dining room is in quite a state, apparently bracing for extensive clean-up and construction work throughout. This is not the look of a restaurant that is going to be ready for brunch service by tomorrow morning, so we do suggest you start making alternate plans.

An interesting side note here is that Bubby's was the target of the Department of Health's March 2007 offensive in Tribeca. At that time, Bubby's passed with flying colors, having seen the inspection coming and prepped accordingly. No doubt this time around, less than a year later, the restaurant was caught by considerable surprise.

And as a special bonus, kindly note the Department of Health inspector in the photo above. He wouldn't say a word, but it was fun talking to him nevertheless.




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