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Red Hook Hangover: Layla & Bouillabaisse, The Plywood Reveal!

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Yesterday, Eater was given an all access tour of Layla and Bouillabaisse the bar and restaurant owned by Neil Ganic and company at 44/46 Beard Street in Red Hook. It's still a good 2-4 weeks out and they'll start with Layla, the bar, then move onto the restaurant; but as you can see, the place is coming together. Recall that the plan is to preserve quite a bit of Lillie's, while updating key infrastructure (the floor has been raised and leveled, for example, and the HVAC is new) and adding a few new design touches. On the restaurant side (below), a version of the bistro in Brooklyn Heights of the same name is planned. Expect a modestly sized dining room with key accents such as the ceiling recesses, exposed brick and a fireplace.

The full Plywood reveal is above and below. Note just below a few details in the bar. Again, bar first, then restaurant. Oh, and this whole business is located, basically, just across the street from Ikea, which could open as early as March. One thing not pictured, N.B., is a fully redone back garden.

Key lighting and flooring details. The tiled floor requires repair in certain areas, including a paint job to simulate tile in areas that have been patched with concrete, as pictured here.

The dining room at Bouillabaisse Red Hook

The kitchen, completely new.

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