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EaterWire: The DOH Stikes in Brooklyn, Shuts Subway

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WILIAMSBURG—What better a way to end this week of DOH'ings with one more. Subway on Bedford between North 5th and 6th in Williamsburg isn't quite clean enough, so says the DOH. This bad boy (including the photo above) came into us with the subject line "Retail Darwinism on Bedford." Or, perhaps, just a few mice. In either case, make alternate sandwich options this weekend. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE—The Imbible has a nice reveal of the bar that's replaced Luke & Leroy in the West Village. Has a mod-hipster-glam thing happening. The venue is as yet nameless, because they're "holding out for the perfect name," see. [Imbible]

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