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Live From Red Hook: A Curbed Network Blogathon

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The Curbed Network is live from Red Hook today to take an up close and personal look at what's happening in these parts. Some say, some of us here included, that Red Hook has seen better days—the long-term future of the ball fields hangs in the balance, 360, the restaurant that started it all, has been in a state of nebulous closure for months, and neighborhood fixtures like Pioneer Bar and Lillie's are being replaced with far less local concepts (at least on paper). On the other hand, the Good Fork remains packed to the gills and there's been a line-up for coffee at Baked (the very place from which we're coming to you today) since 7:30 AM.

So we're going to settle in today and see what's what. Next up, we check in with a gent who has written as much about the Red Hook eating scene as anyone out there. After that, we may stop in at Six Points Brewery, finally get some clarification on what's happening at 360, and, hell yes, determine the state of the Good Fork burger. And so much more. Do be sure to check in with Curbed and Racked throughout the day, as they're all up in this Red Hook business as well. And away we go.

One small procedural note. What with this rain and all, if we go dark for more than an hour, send help. There's no telling how long the roads will stay open.

All day long, your commentary and color is welcomed, nay expected, in the comments.

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