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Live From Red Hook: Sixpoint Craft Ales v. Rocky Sullivans

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In July of this year, Rocky Sullivans took over the space at 34 Van Dyke Street that formerly housed the Liberty Heights Tap Room. The other thing to know about 34 Van Dyke Street is that it's connected to the Sixpoint Craft Ale Brewery. When it was Liberty Heights Tap Room, the Sixpoint flowed like water—really, exactly what you'd expect from a bar connected to a brewery. It was something of the defacto Sixpoint tasting room. Now, as Rocky Sulivans, no Sixpoint is offered.

Here's how one local we spoke to colored this: "The dickbags who took over the former liberty heights taproom no longer serve six points beer, hence Shane has no tap room in which to end his tours. Not carrying Sixpoint is a punishable offense to good taste anywhere in the 5 boros; dissing them from next door shows what antineighborhood douchebags the guy who opened it are. But they came from park avenue south, so what better could we expect?"

That's one local's take. We're hoping to talk to Sixpoint later today. And, Chris and Derek at Rocky's: we're at Baked all day. Come by and give us your side of this. But, really, gents. What in the hell are you thinking?

Update: Our initial sources on this story didn't have current information. Indeed, a visit to Rocky's reveals two Sixpoint beers on tap. Rocky's, mea culpa.

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