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Live From Red Hook: The Twisted Mystery of 360 Restaurant

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Though some locals say they know the real story, there is no greater mystery in Red Hook than that of 360, the restaurant that put Red Hook on the dining map in 2004 and a venue that has been shuttered without official explanation for at least the last six months. At this time, we're going to rundown the theories on what happened to the perennially-packed restaurant, its chef, Arnaud Eckhard, and what the future may hold. At the risk of getting anyone too excited, with another five years left on its lease 360 will probably live again.

1) Chef/owner Arnaud Erhart shut down 360 because he was burnt out from three-plus years of a packed house. Furthermore, he's scuba diving somewhere and may not return anytime soon.

2) Chef/owner Arnaud Erhart is in Thailand, will return soon, then reopen 360.

3) Chef/owner Arnaud Erhart is on safari, will return soon, then reopen 360.

4) Chef/owner Arnaud Erhart closed down 360 abruptly when he learned he was facing serious tax evasion charges. He fleed the country (see rumors 1-3), but will return when the matter is sorted out. Future status of 360 unknown.

5) Chef/owner Arnaud Erhart always planned on closing 360 and taking a six month hiatus. Plus, the place needed repairs. A source close to Erhart tells us he 'had so much money' from 360 that 'why wouldn't he' take a long vacation? He'll be back to reopen 360 very soon.

6) Chef/owner Arnaud Erhart will definitely reopen 360, and soon. The restaurant is listed in a new neighborhood guide and map that is published by the Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation, who, in theory, has back-channels to accurate intel.
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Later today, the last known person to have been in contact with Arnaud Erhart is coming by to see us. Until then, your theories welcomed.