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Live from Red Hook: The Return of Pioneer Bar!

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While there may be some soiled sheets in Pioneer Bar's past, the future is looking quite a bit brighter today. We had a serendipitous opportunity to chat with the bar's new owners just a short while ago, and found all good things. They didn't want to give up their names because, you see, the paperwork isn't signed, sealed and delivered. There are the matters of closing on the property and then working through the Department of Health and Community Board processes. But they did talk us through some of their big picture plans. The bar should reopen sometime around the first of the year, if current estimations hold; figure February/March, with delays. The owners, a husband and wife, with child under the age of five, say they're going to keep the horseshoes and add a 'serious burger' to the menu. The Mrs. is from Texas, so the barbecue will stay as well. That's the story for now. When we hear of how much it costs to insure a horseshoe pit surrounded by drunk people, we'll let you know.
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