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Chronicles of El Chod: Is El Chod Misunderstood?

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Doree Shafrir for the Observer has for us today an update on El Chod. Included in the story are confirmations on his new uptown restaurants: 1) "a 90-seat Malaysian-themed coffeehouse with Fatty Crab co-owner Zak Pelaccio (who also runs Mr. Chodorow’s Borough Food & Drink on 22nd Street)..."2) "a 150-seat restaurant with Ouest’s celebrated chef and owner Tom Valenti, which Mr. Valenti told The Observer will be “open all day and all night. There are no grown-up bar-slash-restaurants up here...” And, 3) "Then there’s what [Chodorow PR Queen] Ms. Bakhoum termed a “classic American steakhouse concept” in the Empire Hotel at 64th and Broadway. (“We’re just going to try to make phenomenal creamed spinach,” Mr. Chodorow said.)" Also gleaned from the story, El Chod rolls with an iPhone—three points awarded for style, four subtracted for a self-proclaimed businessman who thinks the iPhone is good for mobile business.

But what the Chodorow camp wants us to take away from the article is that El Chod is misunderstood. This is actual quote-age: "'Oh, you're so sweet!' said Ms. Bakhoum. 'He's a mushy-mushy.' She said this in the cadence normally reserved for babies and poodles."

On the question of whether or not El Chod is misunderstood, Shafrir posed the question to us as part of her reportage for the story. When asked, we said that we thought that no, he was probably not, but that perhaps he should get more credit than he does for taking massive risks. You really don't find too many restaurateurs willing to bet on the popularity of stingray-covered bars nowadays. Serious. But what say you, Eater populace:

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