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Plywood Report: The Smith Meets the Neighborhood

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East Village: The de-plywooding of The Smith, Glenn Harris and Jeffrey Lefcourt's (Jane and Neptune Room) new brasserie in the former Pizzera Uno storefront on Third Avenue at 10th Street, is in progress at this moment. Officially, you should know that this eye sore of a sign (above) is temporary. It's a 'space holder' we're told, until the real one arrives. Now, let's see how the neighborhood is reacting to the restaurant they are to receive in a few weeks time. 1) "Walked by the former Pizzeria UNO on 11th and 2nd this AM--I knew it has been closed, and here is the signage for new occupant, The Smith (see attached). Any info on this place? Club house for fans of the band? Local hangout for Smith College ladies?" 2) "They are starting to take down the plywood from the old Uno's on 3rd Ave. and 10th Street. There's a big giant sign that says "The Smith". No pic unfortunately. What is this??" Basic questions answered, image challenges established.
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