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Riding the Zilch Train: Harry Cipriani Doing Just Fine

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2:12 PM. Left, an older man opens the door for a much younger woman, right. Business as usual at H-Cip.

This morning Frank Bruni had his way with the venerable Harry Cipriani, long a club house for the serious Upper East Side set. He issued it a rating of Poor, the lowest possible classification at the Bruni's disposal. But, as one regular was very quick, and eager, to point out to us today, it ain't no thing. No one who cares about spending $48.95 for frito misto cares any more about a zero star rating from the Times. Please refer to the visuals (exterior above, interior via exterior below): it's business as usual at the goose-egged Harry Cipriani.

2:18 PM

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