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Scam Alert: Yolato Freebie Bait-n-Switch

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Bait-n-switching customers on opening day is not the way to get in good with locals. But, it seems the new Yolato on Park Avenue thinks differently. Whereas yesterday there was the promise of free yogurt and gelato all day today, in honor of their grand opening, it turns out they were talking about free samples. This is, to borrow a word used by the Bruni this morning, pathetic. Midtown Lunch was there:

Apparently Yolato, and their PR dept’s definition of “Free Yolato” is something entirely different than my definition. Free Yolato means that you are not charging money for Yolato? And yet today, I arrived at Yolato to find the cash registers up and running, and a Midtown Lunch reader being charged $4 for her order. I guess Free Yolato to them means tiny cups of plain Yolato, being handed out on the sidewalk in front of the store. I can get a free sample of Yolato at any location in the city, just by walking in and asking for it. How is this a “Grand Opening Celebration”???
An important question indeed. No matter, Pinkberry and Tasti-D were better to begin with anyway.
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