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EaterWire: Yolato Scam Coda

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They're sill just samples, though in this photo, everyone is happy. Yay, Yolato.

MIDTOWN EAST—The PR for Yolato has responded to accusations of a bait-n-switch at their brand new Park Avenue store. Seems they never intended to server free yogurt all day: "To be clear, Yolato is giving out 1 oz samples all day - that is 1/4 the regular size. They are two different flavors of soft-serve, regular yogurt and blackberry, with with fruit and other toppings. (Photo attached) In addition, customers can taste all the other flavors as at any of the stores. This was no scam. No one intentionally tried to rip anyone off. It was just a misunderstanding and no one has complained at the store to my knowledge." All well and good, we suppose, but when an announcement is made of free yogurt on opening day, we generally take that to mean something other than pimped out samples. Either way, please note the color correcting on the photo above is Yolato's, not ours. [EaterWire]

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