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Plywood Report: Change of Plans at Gusto

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West Village: Among the things that Gusto and Centro Vinoteca owner Sasha Muniak doesn't do well: finish construction on time. Once again, we bring you an edition of MuniakDelayWire, but this time with a twist. From a trusted West Village source: "Sasha started massive renovation on the building next to Gusto (62 greenwich avenue, formerly Zutto) about three weeks ago (finally). It looks like the scale of the renovation will be along the lines of when Gusto renovated from Sandwich House & neighboring store -- a full gut job. Reliable word it that as opposed to it being as originally planned-- an expansion of Gusto (private event area, expanded bar, etc.) it will, instead, be a somewhat casual high-end sandwich and gourmet snack location. Yum." File under plywood.
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