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Plywood Report Reveal Edition: Steak Frites on Varick Getting Close

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Hudson Square: In the space that was very briefly Charolais, Steak Frites is readying to debut their relocated, from Union Square West, and slightly bigger digs. As the interiors (below) reveal, Steak Frites has kept much of the Charolais install, save, perhaps, for the lighting fixtures. With bottles of wine and such on site, the open here can't be too far off. And now for some bonus reader color: "Just walked by the former Charolais space. Looks like the same interior but there are now Pastis-ish red awning things above the windows that say "STEAK FRITES." Several times. Over and over. STEAK FRITES STEAK FRITES STEAK FRITES STEAK FRITES. What could this new mystery restaurant have in store for us?"



· The Charolais Chronicles: Fin. [~E~]