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Launches & Releases: Cold Mud Foodie Aggregator, Eats Foodie Community

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1) Cold Mud: Coming to us from the UK, Cold Mud (slang for chocolate ice cream) is, in their own words, "a specialized news aggregator for people who are interested in the latest news about food and drink, as well as the personalities, the business, the politics and the issues." The site launched last week and is run by Eugen Beer, a PR and marketing exec in the UK. [Cold Mud]

2) Eats: Fresh out of beta today, Eats is a newcomer in the Foodie Community category of websites. It is marketing itself as, "The nation's leading restaurant information portal providing an interactive community for young foodies and the restaurants we frequent; features comprehensive neighborhood listings, editorials, photos, menus, maps and directions. Member profiles allow users to network among other foodies, list favorite restaurants & dishes, write reviews, and invite friends to events." Translation: it's like Yelp, with a better URL and several million fewer users at present. A food news blog is also planned, we're told. [Eats]

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