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Good News/Bad News: DessertTruck

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[DessertTruck on All Hallow's Eve. Photos courtesy Scoboco]

Because it is, quite frankly, all we can think about now, let's check out the Good News/Bad News early line on Central Village newcomer DessertTruck. We're going to wager there's not going to be a lot of bad news here, but let's see, shall we?

1) Good News: "I waded through the costumed masses tonight to see if the story of Dessert Truck could really be true, and let me assure you my friends: it is. First I ordered the warm Chocolate Bread Pudding, its rich, sweet and full-cocoa-flavored sponginess lurking beneath a sticky pool of creme anglaise. This was a beautiful thing. Did I mention that I purchased this on the street?! No waiting for a table, or a waiter... no dinner necessary... just me and my treat." [Scoboco]

2) Good News: "This is very different from Treats Truck...they just sell baked goods, while DessertTruck is selling high end freshly made desserts. Tried it last's amazing!!" [Eater Guest Commenter]

3) Good News: Naturellement, we had to check out the DessertTruck for ourselves last night, so we dropped by at about 6:30pm. Alas, the serving door was still locked shut, and though we did see a gentleman puttering about inside, there were to be no treats for us. And yet, who cares? We were in the presence of DessertTruck, and all was good in the universe.

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