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The Shutter West Village Edition: Abitino's, Vittorio's

Death comes on quiet heel to the West Village today. The Shutter is dropping... now.


1) Bleecker Street/Carmine: Let's start with a shocker. Emails an Eater operative, "Walking by the new park at Bleecker and 6th and saw the big Abitino's Pizza was totally closed down. Sign was up in the window saying renovation but local woman at the cafe next door said they were long gone. Pushed open the door and got a shot of what looks like a complete demo." Now, why a shocker? Back in 2004, the famous Joe's Pizza—considered by some to serve the best slice in New York—closed up shop in this space and moved to a smaller cubbyhole up the block, citing higher rents. Into the space came the chain-pizza stylings of Abitino's, a swap worthy of much kvetching. So it it over for Abitino's? The location is still on the official website, but all signage is down and the phone number is disconnected. Not really the move if you're planning to reopen, correct? [Shutter Inbox]

[Photo by Femia]

2) Bleecker Street/Grove: When we dispatched Will Femia to check in on the progress at Q, Anita Lo's new 'smoky Asian barbecue' outpost at 308 Bleecker Street, we weren't expecting him to return with this carnage. A moment of silence, please, for oldschool Italian Vittorio's, which after 18 years, is no more. And as for the idea that Lo will get Q open by November, the date supplied to FloFab in the NYT fall restaurant preview? Let's reset that to 2008, shall we? [Shutter Staff]