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Update: Bacaro To Open Thursday

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Scanning online coverage this week of Bacaro, the new Division Street Italian restaurant from the makers of Peasant, is one hell of a confusing endeavor if the idea is to figure out when it opens. UrbanDaddy said it would open today with a party for the neighborhood; Cutlets said that party was actually held Monday and now they're open; and RareDaily says tonight is the night, beginning with a Halloween party. With the conflicting reports and our genuine curiosity about the restaurant, we dispatched a team to visit the scene last night. Not only was it not open yet—thanks very much, Cutlets—but the staff on site (seen above) was saying the debut would come on Thursday. Some we come to the point of this little post: unless you think braving the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Halloween is good time, our official Bacaro stalking recommendation is to hold your horses until Thursday.
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