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Mousse on Wheels: DessertTruck Debuts in Central Village

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In the future, we shall eat all food from trucks. Until then, let's just celebrate the debut of another new food-on-wheels concept: DessertTruck. An Eater operative reports from the Central Village:

Yesterday, while wandering around downtown, my fiancée and I came across a wonderful new addition to the NYC foodie landscape: Dessert Truck. It's a mobile truck, like the ones that serve Mr. Softie (though a bit larger in size), and they serve home-made high end desserts such as creme brulee, molten chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse, and the like. Apparently, it's run by a former pastry sous chef at Le Cirque so these guys know what they're doing.
A visit to the DessertTruck official website confirms: the truck debuted yesterday at 6pm, which seems to be the daily kickoff time (it's open until 12am; closed Mondays). The venue? 8th and University. The folks behind it? Jerome Chang, a former pastry sous chef at Le Cirque, and Chris Chen, of, er, Columbia Business School.


All in all, we're really liking this trend in street food. Brace, people—with a concept like this, expect to be reading a lot about DessertTruck in various NYC media outlets over the days and weeks to come. Meantime, we'll see you there tonight.
· Dessert Truck [Official Site]