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EaterWire: Ushiwakamaru Returning, 2nd Ave. Deli Secures Its Future & More

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Wire item #2 features news about the new 2nd Ave. Deli. Fact.

SOHO/CENT VILLAGE—Sushi eaters will be pleased to hear that Ushiwakamaru is on schedule to reopen next month. From a regular Ushiwak' correspondent: "I've made it a habit to pass by Ushiwakamaru if I'm downtown, as I didn't have a way to get in touch with Hideo-san, and yesterday I was finally rewarded. I was passing by yesterday and bumped into Hideo-san outside, with a full team of workmen cleaning out the space. He informed me that they'll re-open sometime in November with a brand-new renovation of the space...the room will finally be on-par with the level of sushi he is serving, which is easily the best downtown. I asked him, and he let me know that he's not using this as an opportunity to raise the prices. Viva Ushiwakamaru!" [EaterWire]

MURRAY HILL—The first 2nd Ave. Deli closed due to drastically increasing rents, you'll recall. To prevent a recurrence of this unfortunate fate the brothers Lebewohl have purchased the building that houses their new 2nd Ave. Deli. The Real Deal has the specs: all cash deal, $5.21 million or $527 per square foot. [The Real Deal]

WEST VILLAGE—It's too early to start screaming deathwatch, but we do have some alarming news from Ditch Plains, Marc Murphy's downtown surf shack. A reader reports: "I went by this morning for breakfast, and a surly woman inside told me they were closed! I haven't been by for breakfast in a little while, but Ditch Plains used to open for breakfast at 7am! It was 830 when I ambled in! A sign on the door informed that breakfast was now served only from 11am. Breakfast? At 11am? On a weekday? For people who can afford the absurd $13 egg and cheese at Ditch Plains (I get the mussels, even at [the meal formerly known as] breakfast)?" This is of particular note, as you may recall early-to-late was one of Ditch Plains initial selling points. [EaterWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE— Cutlets, having one of his better days overall, we have to say, has the scoop on a Veselka outpost, just steps from Daniel Boulud's new burger joint: "Veselka, home to our all-time favorite hamburger in the East Village, is in negotiations to lease a 5,100-square-foot space in the very same building as Daniel, but on 1st Street. Owner Tom Birchard tells us, after the obligatory caution that nothing has been signed yet, “Veselka has been working pretty well for 53 years, so it’s going to be pretty much the same, Ukrainian and American comfort food— although maybe with a little tinkering on the menu. [Cutlets