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Sushi Samba the First Restaurant to Hit Second Life

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In what is sure to be serious news for sushi-loving Second Lifers, a vast group of eaters if ever there was one, Sushi Samba will become the first restaurant to have a presence in the virtual community, which as been live for close to a year now. Here's the PR color on this one:

SUSHISAMBA’s Second Life location will re-create highly successful promotions such as CosPlay, the weekly party at the Miami outpost where trendsetters dress up as characters from Japanese manga, anime, video games and movies. Visitors to the SUSHISAMBA island can also enjoy bespoke music compilations from renowned DJ’s who play at the restaurant’s six locations around the world. Special menus, such as those for Brazilian Independence Day, along with SUSHISAMBA’s signature Sushi + Sake 101 classes, will be on offer to visitors who pay Linden dollars to purchase goods online.
In related news, Jeffery Chodorow tells us he's teeing-up a Kobe Club Second Life, which we're going to immediately put on the deatchwatch to ensure it never ever closes.