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Eater IMtereview: Allen & Delancey Revealed!

Good God, it's the stunning return of the IMtereview! Today's topic: the opening party last evening at the restaurant that's also an intersection, Allen and Delancey.

[The back room at Allen & Delancey, at 115 Allen Street on the LES]

CrbdDaddy: impressions of A&D?
SlnyDaddy: about effen time
SlnyDaddy: nice space
SlnyDaddy: food might prove a bit fussy though
SlnyDaddy: furgie needs to check his ramsay training at the door
SlnyDaddy: serve a burger, etc
SlnyDaddy: i also liked the reveal of the back
CrbdDaddy: the back is phenomenal
SlnyDaddy: but it is going to be absolutely crushing to get past that bar
CrbdDaddy: as, in fact, it was
SlnyDaddy: someone should be fired for the layout of the bar area


CrbdDaddy: still, very impressive that they crafted that out of a blank new development space
SlnyDaddy: yes
CrbdDaddy: interior reminiscent of...
SlnyDaddy: the interior could be confused with any number of avroko spaces, to the untrained eye
SlnyDaddy: hints of the now-falled odea
SlnyDaddy: also, strikingly similar to bobo in overall feel
SlnyDaddy: this is bobo east
SlnyDaddy: or bobo is a/d west
CrbdDaddy: ha
SlnyDaddy: they really are very very close overall
SlnyDaddy: further color:
SlnyDaddy: baum girls hung in to the end, 12:30ish, which is somewhat impressive
SlnyDaddy: cutlets threatened to crash, did not ultimately do so


CrbdDaddy: the bar scene (above) when we were there was beyond crushing
CrbdDaddy: we sat at that little booth in the very front
CrbdDaddy: which was quite pleasant
SlnyDaddy: nice get
CrbdDaddy: most appetizers didn't make it that far forward, though
SlnyDaddy: apps i saw: some sort of foie gras business; swordfish and watermelon, which was an abortion; chocolate dessert. and a pineapple thing that really didn't get it done, but was interesting.
CrbdDaddy: i had the foie gras. verdict: edible
CrbdDaddy: also had a little potato thing
CrbdDaddy: verdict: greasy


SlnyDaddy: last thought
SlnyDaddy: there is one, just one, count 'em one, restroom
SlnyDaddy: that is absolutely insane
SlnyDaddy: insane in a way that really breaks down all means of comprehension
SlnyDaddy: BUT: note secret restroom on lower level
CrbdDaddy: aha
SlnyDaddy: how can a bar of that size, let alone with the restaurant in back, have one bathroom?
CrbdDaddy: fwiw, it's still kosher to piss in that empty lot next door on allen street
SlnyDaddy: god love the lower east side

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