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The FR.OG Memorial Worst New Restaurant Name Poll (Fall '07)

Yesterday, Frank Bruni waxed poetic about restaurant names that please him. Excerpt: "BarFry. I love it. And I wanted to say so, to leaven some negativity in the past with some, um, positivity in the present. Last April, in a post on this blog, I bemoaned silly and ill-advised restaurant names. My prompt was the restaurant FR.OG, whose name is a sort-of-quasi-acronym for FRench OriGine." (The appalling name was, of course, one of the reasons FR.OG was Deathwatched on its opening day.)

With Bruni riding the happy train, it falls to us—and, it turns out, to you—to do the heavy lifting. Because it's time for you to vote on which restaurant opening in Fall 2007 has the worst name.

If we've missed a spot you think worthy of inclusion, let us know in the comments. Polls are open until further notice.
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