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Chubo Restaurant On the Market, Its Owners Ready to Move On

From the nice people at Lower Eastsider Chubo comes word that the venue is for sale. A direct request to let the restaurant operate in its remaining days un-Deathwatched will be honored. Claude Chassagne, the owner, writes, "Please don't death watch me. Chubo is operating and business is healthy. Somethings trump business ownership. I included listing, contact information as well a photo. Thank you for your time and your help in the past. Best, Claude." Ok, sir, you got it. And now, for the listing:

trendy area
well reviewed,known restaurant
10 year below market lease,best deal in les ($4500/month)
fully equipped, fully operational
basement & back yard (additional seating)
44 seats
beer & wine license
4 % escalation
key:200k ,priced for quick sale
212 709 8202
serious inquires only
Up next, we get the Kamali to analyze this deal. Maybe even Hard Sell style. Oh, and should you want to inquire about the space, say the word and we'll put you and Mr. Chassagne in touch free of charge.