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Fall Tracking Report: The Smith

Fall is a time for restaurant openings. Lots of them. Restaurateurs will make promises, excite us, with their grand plans. Consider this here the intel you need to keep abreast of it all—and start obsessing at just the right moment.


2007_09_efp.jpgThe Smith
55 Third Avenue (10th Street), no phone yet.

Initial Debut Projection: November
Current Debut Projection: "About another four weeks"
Odds, On-Time Arrival: 16-1
Eater Projected Opening Date: 12/9/07

Readying itself in East Village epicenter of NYU housing, The Smith is "about four weeks out," per the PR for the restaurant. To refresh, this is Glenn Harris and Jeffrey Lefcourt's (Jane and Neptune Room) new brasserie that has taken over the former Pizzera Uno storefront on Third Avenue at 10th Street. Per Flo: "a design by Mark Zeff that incorporates industrial materials, old subway tiles and meat hooks." Per new PRage: "there will be a sidewalk counter where people can grab select menu items on the fly." Eventually, breakfast, lunch and dinner is coming. As is, unless these guys are missing the point entirely, the option to pay with NYU Dining Dollars.