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Chang on Vegas: 'There Is No Deal.'

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Now, a bit of follow up on the Page Six item from this past weekend, regarding Dave Chang and his plans to open Momofuku Vegas. He tell us today in no uncertain terms that there is no deal for a MomoVegas is in place. While he is being actively courted by various Vegas players, has has been for two years now, Chang says enough with the Vegas talk (also, "I can't believe Page Six cares about this"). A little more, from Mr. Momo:

There's nothing to report. There is no deal. It may happen in the future it may not. Lots of talk about vegas but it's just talk. I have said the same thing before. It's hard to open anything in NYC. And it's becoming more difficult to do so. At least I think that's what the reporter from Zink was asking about...I fucking love NYC and all of the opportunities it has provided us and we plan on be here for as long as possible. But as it becomes increasingly difficult to operate in our hometown. We have to be open to exploring opportunities outside of NYC, and that includes Vegas. Love, DC

Bonus: The current information on the opening of the relocated Momofuku Noodle Bar is that ConEd may or may not be coming on Wednesday, which puts a Wednesday night debut at an outside chance and Thursday as a bit more likely. But still, no set date.

Photo: Flicrk/Sweet Blog 'o Mine