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The Dish: Smith's Opens Tonight

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Will Femia for Eater

Smith's, which abuts the legendary Cafe Dante at 79 Macdougal (in the former Dante Annex), opens tonight. Cindy Smith (Raoul’s, Spartina) and Danny Abrams, of The Mermaid Inn and one-time Jimmy Bradley partner fame, are the owners of the joint, with chef is Pablo Romero (Bouley) in the kitchen. Some PR speak for you: "Long-time collaborator and friend Mark Zeff designed the 74-seat space and is a partner in the restaurant. Evoking a European cafe, the design combines the casual comfort of banquettes and booths in black leather with distinctive elements such as mirror-topped tables and pistachio-colored walls. The railroad car dining room with an antique mirrored ceiling leads to a 14-seat hideaway bar — a cozy spot that, like Smith’s, feels like a welcome discovery." 79 Macdougal Street (btwn Bleecker and Houston), G Village; (212) 260-0100.