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Ask Eater: The Occasional Deep Dish Craving?

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Uno Chicago Grill, née Pizzera Uno, on Sixth Avenue and Waverly

Some time ago, we issued an APB for Chicago-style Italian Beef Sandwiches and concluded they simply don't exist in New York. Now comes Chicago query number two (and the opportunity to run a photo of Uno Chicago Grill, a chance, frankly, we didn't think we'd ever see):

i am sort of ashamed to admit that i've partaken of the pizzeria uno in astoria a few times; living in chicago for four years has resulted in me having the occasional deep dish craving, and that style of pizza isn't represented by any of the (very fine in every other respects --my favorite is sac's) mom-and-pop pizza outlets in my neck of the woods at all. which leads me to my question for you: is there any place in nyc that isn't uno, but that does offer the deep dish/stuffed goods? because i would very happily forsake uno upon finding out about one.
Answers welcome via the comments.