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Vegetarian Crisis Alert: Zen Palate Union Square Closing

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In what can only be classified as a crushing blow to below 14th street vegetarians, Zen Palate will close its door today at 34 Union Square East. Per the note below, posted on their website today, the shuttering is a result of "astronomical and non-negotiable increases" in their rent:

Dear Friends of Zen Palate,

It is with great sorrow for us to announce that our current location at Union Square will be forced to close this Monday Oct 29 due to astronomical and non-negotiable increases in our rent.

We are extremely grateful for your many years of loyal and enthusiastic patronage to this location. We really had a lot of fun serving you here! And we hope that you will continue to support us by visiting Zen Palate's other locations as we try to find new accommodations in Union Square.

If you would like to be kept up to date as to when and where our new Union Square location will be opening or our other new openings please email us at

Yours sincerely,
The entire staff at Zen Palate

At this time, by way of condolances, we'll offer up Gobo, Angelica's Kitchen and Souen. But, no, there is no replacing the Zen goodness of the ham and avocado with yam fries sandwich. And, oh, that the sweet sweet sweet and sour sensation.
· Union Square Closing [Zen Palate]