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Ice Cream Crisis Alert: Mary's Dairy Doneski!

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[Signage yesterday at Mary's Dairy on West 4th Street. Adieu.]

The Shutter news comes fast and furious this Monday. Next up, courtesy of an alert Eater operative, comes this bombshell: "I saw these signs up at both Mary's Dairy locations in the East and West Village today. A guy behind the counter told me they just 'weren't making enough money.' I'm surprised, because there were always people in there (at the one on W. 4th St., anyway). It's too bad, because I shopped around and I thought they had the best ice cream & shakes in my 'hood (West Village), plus they were open really late."

Yes, you read that correctly: Mary's Dairy, a place which was without question the New Black of summer 2004, has closed its two locations.

As for other options? Back to our operative: "I think now the only ice cream & shakes place near me (as opposed to gelato) is Cold Stone Creamery on 6th Ave—lame! (The Emack & Bolio's near 6th Ave & 14th St. closed, as did the Ben & Jerry's on Bleecker St. and the Uncle Louis G's on MacDougal)." Other alternatives welcome in the comments, per usual.
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