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The Dish: Nizza, Irving Mill, & Dell'anima

Let's Dish up some recent restaurant openings for your weekend dining pleasure, shall we?


1) Nizza: Above, courtesy of an alert reader, we see Hell's Kitchen Italian newcomer Nizza, which officially opened its doors last night after a week or so of previews. A few choice phrases from the PR materials: " gets a certain sense of the chef as anthropologist at work here...the menu sports 9 sections—its up to the diner—its always up to the diner—to create his or own prefect experience; and none will lack for subject matter... Nizza is a casual boite 'modly' designed with fixtures that seem to come at you from all angles." And early word from our photographer: "I'm no food expert but it was delicious." 630 Ninth Ave between 44th and 45th Sts; (212) 956-1800 [Eater Inbox]

2) Irving Mill: Here's a fun game: choose which email newsletter filed the most over-the-top announcement of the opening of Irving Mill, a no-doubt-pleasant seasonal New American eatery east of Union Square. Your nominees: RareDaily ("The timely concept. The perfect location. The pedigreed chef"), StrongBuzz ("I must personally thank owners Sue, Mario and Sergio Riva for opening Irving Mill just a few short steps from my front door"), JuliB ("unlike rip, you won't be able to fall asleep"). Early edge to RareDaily. 116 E 16th St between Park Ave South and Irving Pl; (212) 254-1600 [All & Sundry]

3) Dell'anima: This spot, which snuck in sort-of under the radar, opened Wednesday under the direction of Gabriel Thompson, a former chef at Le Bernardin. The food shall be Italian. 38 Eighth Ave at Jane St; (212) 366-6633 [FloFab]


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