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Plywood Report: Kurve, Beach House, French Bistro in Ditmas Park, More!

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And now, the Plywood Report, featuring news and rumor about as-yet-to-open restaurants. Your observations to, please.


1) East Village: Above, note the circular bar coming together at Kurve, the new small plates restaurant at Second Avenue and Fifth Street. Per FloFab, interior design here is by Karim Rashid, so this should be a fun one to watch. [PLYWOOD]

2) East Village: Emails a tipster, "i walked by TOTAL plywood madness on 7th street between A and 1st ave (next door to pylos and st. dymphnas). the place looks like it's almost done- wallpaper has gone up and the bar was complete. It had a logo on the top, looks likle a GA or SA, very weird symbol/initials. any idea what that is? looks very hip and trendy." [PLYWOOD]

3) West Village: Emails a tipster, "At 456 Hudson (at Barrow), renovations are in progress for awhile now and got the scoop the place is going to be called the Beach House. The owner told me it was going to be regional seafood from kennebunk to key west." [PLYWOOD]

4) Chelsea: From the inbox: "Hi. Just walked by the gone but not forgotten Bright Food Shop in Chelsea and saw construction permits on the door and lots of destruction of the old interior. Know anything?" [PLYWOOD]

5) Ditmas Park: Emails ur-politics blogger Ben Smith, "Not sure if this is too far flung, but Jim Mamary (who opened a big chunk of Smith Street) and the people who run the Farm on Adderley on Cortelyou Road are planning to open a French Bistro on Newkirk and Argyle in December. More details at the Ditmas Park Blog. [PLYWOOD]