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The Shutter: Keur N'Deye Ends 17-year Run

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Fort Greene: As we so often do, we'll start the day in Fort Greene, where we have news that Keur N'Deye, a 17-year old West African restaurant, is finally calling it quits. So says blogger Eating in Translation: "The red paper covering the windows may add a cheery glow, but that's still paper covering the windows. Long before there was a Little Senegal in West Harlem — 17 years ago, in fact — Keur N'Deye began serving the food of that West African nation in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn. It's closing for good, said co-owner Salif Cisse on Wednesday evening...Salif and his wife, Marie, have no plans to move Keur N'Deye or, for the time being, to open another restaurant; after a long run, they plan to take a break from the business."
· Keur N'Deye [Eating in Translation]

[Photo credit: Flickr/Eating in Translation]