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Eater Hospice: Aspen Turns Two, Now Seating Parties of 10

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Flatiron scene Aspen is celebrating its second anniversary tonight, and it's been on the Deathwatch for exactly 20 weeks today. The good news is that, as Cutlets reported last week, they've hired a new chef and overhauled the menu ("serious movement", check). This isn't good for its cred in the hospice, but it does mean they're committed to making it work. The bad news is that they can seat a party of 10 tomorrow night at 8 PM. Things you do hate to see: that. Let's get to the paper work.

Deathwatchee: Aspen
Status: RE-DEATHWATCHED; Venue Retooling
Time on the 'Watch: 20 weeks
Prognosis/Analysis: The venue name hasn't changed and there has not been any temporary closure that we know of, so the case file on Aspen remains open. But because part one of our prognosis for Aspen has come to fruitition, this is technically a re-Deathwatch scenario. The new chef is probably not what it's going to take to keep the venue afloat, but it may help with holiday season bookings. If so, the venue will have bought itself time at least through the first quarter of '08, which is commendable. Overall, look for more news late May of next year.