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EaterWire: Jean Georges' Pastry Chef Splits, More!

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[Central Village Yogurt Wars rage on as Red Mango preps at Bleecker and MacDougal. Photo by Femia.]

UPPER WEST SIDE—Jean Georges corporate pastry chef Joe Murphy is leaving the company to be the executive pastry chef at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Central Park South. JG's camp has not indicated to us that a replacment is as yet named. Sure, this item is a bit thin, but it's a pastry chef and all pastry chefs are bad-asses, so there you go. What's next? [EaterWire]

WORLD SERIES—Emails a reader, "Everyone knows this city's lousy with Red Sox bars, but what of the newcomers to the October stage, the Colorado Rockies? Is there a Rockies-friendly bar in NYC?" Interesting question; anyone? [EaterWire Inbox]


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