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EaterWire: Lifetime TV is Looking for You, Ladies

INTERNETS—A quick resy-securing update for you: Bobo, Socialista, and Los Dados have all just been added to OpenTable, which, if you're into the whole internet booking thing, should better your chances of securing tables at any and all. [EaterWire]

SMALL SCREEN—Attention ladies, from Showbiz newsletter Cynopsis: "Lifetime Television is casting for a new pilot/series Club Gastronomique and is looking for 21 to 45 year old females who are in love with food. This documentary-type show will focus on an invitation-only culinary club and female participants will get to meet interesting people in New York City while dining at fantastic places. Cooking Skills not needed! To audition send an email to and include your name, age, contact information, photo and a brief bio and why you're passionate about food." [Cynopsis Email]

CLINTON—From the inbox: "I just saw Dave “I’m not your bitch, bitch” Martin his cellphone outside of the ground floor restaurant of my building at 42nd between 11th and 12th before going inside. It’s opened and closed a few times most recently as Terra Vento. It’s a tough location but maybe he’s going to try to make it happen?" [EaterWire Inbox]