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Red Hook Ballfield Vendors Close Out the Season

[Papusa line, 1:33pm Saturday.]

The lines—especially those for papusas—were as long as anyone could remember seeing them at the Red Hook Ballfields this past weekend, as the vendors served up for the last time this season. After surviving the summer (barely), there's good reason to believe that ballfields will be operational next year. But, as Gowanus Lounge points out, things are unlikely to stay how they were:

Even if the vendors are back next year, the scene will be very different. By then, Red Hook will be serving as a conduit for up to 50,000 cars a week traveling to and from the waterfront Ikea... The Parks Department is putting the permit up for competitive bidding and it's unknown whether the Health Department will demand changes that could be very expensive and whether God Only Knows what other city agencies will focus on them.
Indeed. Click through to Gowanus Lounge for more shots from yesterday's swan song.
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