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EaterWire: Two Weeks Left at Gowanus Yacht Club

[Flickr/Kevin Kearney]

CARROLL GARDENS—An end of fall note for you: the Gowanus Yacht Club, perhaps the last of the summer venues to retire the flip flops for winter, will close in two weeks time, per the current signage at the venue (above). [EaterWire]

DAILY DOH/UES—Blogger 78thand2nd has it that Centino has been DOH'd. He notes: "From the notice, it looks like the place locked up on the 18th and according to our tipster, its a fairly new wine bar...It should be noted that the restaurant is not closed because of an inspection failure. The notice says it's closed because it was operating without a permit." [78thand2nd]

NOLITA—And now a Rumor Mill coda to last week's news of Barmarché shuttering. Via the tipline: "Barmarche probably closed because the partners recently fell out, Chris Eddy (former model and partner) was suddenly booted about two months ago, it's a shame because he was a great host and really made the place what it was." Color/validate as you wish. [Eater Inbox]