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The Shutter Special Kitschy Theme Failure Edition: Burgers & Cupcakes, Hip Hop Chow, Haikara Grill

The Shutter reports on restaurant and bar closings around town. Today, it's not looking pretty for restaurants with kitschy themes. Strap in.


1) Chelsea: It's never a pretty moment when a giant cupcake goes dark, but such is the case on West 23rd Street where it's finally lights out for Burgers & Cupcakes. Per neighborhood blogger James Wager, who snapped the above iconic image of the cupcake's end: "The pink cupcake is dark tonight. Dead. And long may it rest, in oblivion." [James Wagner, BlogChelsea]

2) East Village: A tipster emails, "Hip Hop Chow, the chronically empty 'Soul Food With A Twist' restaurant on 2nd Avenue, looks like it has finally closed. (The 'Twist'? A $14 Chicken-n-Waffle Meal makes it plainly apparent that you have no soul.) Might just be down for renovations, but the windows were completely covered with brown paper, finally giving me the opportunity to say, 'More like Hip Hop: Ciao!' Paul's has some soul. The Gem Spa has more soul. That block deserves better." A call to the establishment yields the news that the number has been disconnected. On the upside, 212-674-CHOW is back up for grabs. [Shutter Inbox]

3) Upper East Side: Another plugged-in tipster emails, "I walked by this evening and noticed that there were signs up in the window of Haikara Grill (the 'Japanese Kosher Steakhouse'), near 63rd St. and 3rd Ave. The signs noted that the restaurant had been closed since September 17th, and thanked all for their years of patronage." [Shutter Inbox]