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EaterWire: Friends and Family Edition

EAST VILLAGE/LES—Friends and family time. Tonight, friends of the house will be in the house at the long-delayed Allen & Delancey, where Neil Ferguson of Gordon Ramsay fame is your chef. And starting Wednesday, it's the start of friends-and-family at the (to be honest, significantly less anticipated) Belcourt on Lower Second Avenue. Regarding the latter, Metromix has a glowing preview, from whence this here photo springs. [EaterWire Staff]

CHELSEA—From a tipster: "Here's an update on chicken&beer in Chelsea. I just stopped by and it turns out it's a Korean Fried Chicken place. They have a sign that says BBQ Chicken but it's not barbeque—BBQ stands for Best of the Best Quality chicken. How about that right? They have 4 beers on tap ranging from Miller Lite to Guinness and are still trying to figure out how to fulfill takeout orders in less than 45 minutes. Their website is great—check out the brochure with scientists at 'Chicken University.' [EaterWire Inbox]


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