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Libation Gets In Touch With its Turtle Bay Roots

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Speaking of the soul-sucking destruction that is Hell Square nightlife, whatever happened to the supposed sale of Ludlow Street's Libation, without question the most Murray Hill/Turtle Bay-type place ever to open on the Good Ol' LES? You may recall that last January, nightlife broker extraordinaire Steven Kamali hawked the venue; Jay-Z, among others, took a look but ultimately passed. We hadn't heard a peep about the place until the following bit of awesomeness hit the Eater inbox a few weeks back:

I used to be one of those douchebag Libation regulars. And while I'm still a douchebag... I'm no longer a regular at libation. The kids who have worked at the bar for the past fourish years have bought the place. This would be admirable, but, unfortunately, they wouldn't know a successful club if it fell in their lap! The place is a money pit and should be demolished. They've put up horrible backlit advertising all over the place and kept the ripped banquettes and just lowered the lighting hoping that you won't notice the difference. They've also raised the bottle prices. Tonight there wasn't a bottle client in the place. Good riddance!
Interesting—but not quite correct. Rather, we hear that Libation—not just the club, but the entire three-story building—has been purchased by the gentlemen who own East 53rd Street watering hole/sports bar/party space Metro 53. Really, would only be better if it was the guys behind Tonic in Murray Hill who made the deal. Most of the original employees are still running the show, however, which likely accounts for the confusion.

Anyway, yeah, looks like Libation won't be going anywhere anytime soon. You're welcome.
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