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Adventures in Midtown: The Curious Case of the Shrinking Yogurt Parfait

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Being that for a time Eater had headquarters in the deli/bodega/cafe smorgosbord that is Midtown, we found this, the case of the shrinking yogurt parfait, to be of interest. Blogger Plate of the Day always goes to the same deli for her morning parfait, see, but recently the deli, located in the AXA building at 1290 Sixth Avenue, has been skimping on container size without reflecting the shrinkage in its prices. Now, as you can see in this handy photo, the container measures a mere 4" tall. Morning parfait eaters will already have taken offense: a 4" tall container does not a morning fix make:

I went in to grab a large but was surprised to find only a jokingly small sized yogurt - seriously it’s just about 5 spoonfuls weighing in at approx 4-6oz. The large now is what used to be the small sized yogurt (see photo above - I’ve included a ruler for prosperity sake should Bread Market Cafe decide to further shrink their yogurts). I asked the checkout guy and he laughed and blamed it on the management about the new convenient switch...Seriously, there’s so many deli salad bars in Midtown that you’re always within a 20 ft radius of one. But let’s be honest, why skimp on the yogurt?
The humanity, indeed.
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